DLH: How was the idea devised for Kings Inn at Memphis?

Sean Rosenthal: I was sick of all the over produced dance nights in the area. It seems like everyone is doing the same thing. Individuality is dying fast. Don’t get me wrong I love all types of music but I wanted to offer a night that feels more authentic, has less bullshit, no hype DJ nights, because DJs, unless they are writing music, are just donkeys. I wanted something that has way more of a traditional American rock n roll backyard party feel; more substance in music quality. Kings Inn is good people and musicians that are playing records they like.

DLH: Who is your target audience?

Sean Rosenthal: People who like this kind of music whether it is the individual, road warriors, artists, cowboys, vagabonds, gypsies, human flies, werewolves and vampires of the Roky Erickson, Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash type.

DLH: What types of music do you play?

Sean Rosenthal: Rock, country, blues, rockabilly, punk,

DLH: Live music?

Sean Rosenthal: Yes, definitely, almost every week. Mostly there will be blues, county, bluegrass, and rock. The kind of music that can be broken down into smaller sets. We use traditional acoustic instruments, such as, Parker Macy Blues, the Abagails (The Growlers/Grand Elegance side project) Dano Forte, and Brother Cecil have all played at Kings Inn. We have Blorr, and Briertone coming up soon. It is great being able to get killer local dudes that come together and just jam some bad ass riffs for a night — anything goes — long as it feels real.

DLH: Is this your first club night?

Sean Rosenthal: Please don’t call it a club…. haha, but seriously, I just want to offer that roadside dive bar with a jukebox feeling yet having people with good taste pick the music, and cool local artists playing broken down sets in the back, cheaper drinks, and tasty southern food. I want to put things together that belong together. Costa Mesa needs it. I’m a photographer for my career, but having so much music in my background then I need some type of release of it –this is it for me.

DLH: Do you want to get into promoting?

Sean Rosenthal: Honestly I hate promoting! I would love this night to find its audience on its own and over the last two months it really has and it is just the beginning.

DLH: Any co- promoters?

Sean Rosenthanl: Parker Macy has been a saint. Parker owns a record store next door at the Lab; he plays live and spins record. The guy performs regularly at Kings Inn for the love of it.

DLH: What can the attendees expect?

Sean Rosenthanl: A 4th of July backyard party every Tuesday night.