DLH: How long has CHAMBERS been in existence? Who started the company and where?

OWNER/SALES DIRECTOR JAKE DENNEY: We our based and designed out of downtown Los Angeles. The four of us (Devin Carlson, Jake Denney, Matt Goldman, and Jack Anderson) started CHAMBERS with a capsule collection for Fall of 2010, and the response was so positive that we quickly expanded from there.

DLH: How would you describe CHAMBERS clothing?

JAKE DENNEY: It’s advanced enough to be unique and interesting, but not too advanced to not be wearable on a day-to-day basis. We use a lot of original fabrics, and military garments inspire our construction techniques, we try to make things that are timeless both in aesthetic as well as durability, but also stay fresh and unpredictable on a season-to-season basis. We’ve been fortunate enough that rather than us having to try to find the “Chambers” guy, he’s found us. I think we filled a real void in the market.

DLH: The Fall line seems to offer an edgy masculine look, such as the Char coat paired with the Red plaid woven. Perhaps you could expand on the fits/cuts of the pieces in the fall collection…

JAKE DENNEY: We definitely try to capture a more masculine look with our collection. The fits aren’t too slim to be comfortable, and we like a certain amount of structure in our jackets. We use bold fabrics and plaids on our wovens, but wash them down to give them a bit more of a lived-in feel. When we’re putting things together we draw a lot of inspiration from the friends we surround ourselves with on a day-to-day basis, guys that aren’t just in the clothing industry. We use our friends in our look books, and I think it becomes clear where we draw our inspiration from and who we design for by how natural the clothing looks on all of them. Or maybe we’re just lucky to have cool looking friends…

DLH: How is the fall 2011 line different from earlier lines you’ve released?

JAKE DENNEY: We really focused a lot more on expanding the collection this season. Every category from knitwear to woven shirts to outerwear has really grown. This will definitely be the most complete seasonal collection we’ve shipped (Fall 11 ships at the end of August), and that was obviously a large part of our growth. I think the collection matures and grows a little bit with each season along with us…or most of us.

If you’re wanting to get your hands on the CHAMBERS fall 2011 line; it can be found on http://www.Karmaloop.com and http://www.Activerideshop.com