Jamie Aragon is the subject of an ever growing collection of work; not simply based on her looks but it is her spirit and attitude that drives her work. Jamie is undoubtedly playing the role as the muse in every sense of the word. She channels spirits for photo shoots and evokes perfect states of mind and moods that take the viewer somewhere exceptional. There is something constantly unique about Jamie; perhaps it’s that she is a ultra-chic bombshell with a transcending appeal, as it can be current and couture all at once, and her personality always shines through. Tall and feminine with eyes brimming with a kind of attitude that evoke mystery and inspiration, Jamie ascension will only continue.

Dripslikehoney: How long have you been modeling?

About 8 years ago when I was a sophomore in high school, I walked in a school fashion show. However, I would hardly consider that a start to my modeling! My first print work was done when I was 18 so it has been almost 7 years now.

Dripslikehoney: First modeling job?

Aside from that ridiculous runway show, my first gig was for Active Ride Shop. Back in the day they had a separate women’s website Amogirls.com and I modeled swimwear! Being that it was my first job and also happened to be swimwear, I was extremely nervous.

Dripslikehoney: What companies/brands have you worked with?

I started with Active and have continued to work with them over the years. Right after my first job with Active, I started working with Obey and since then, I have worked with Orisue, Split Swimwear, Wardrobe Wear, Matix, Element, Loser Machine, and I worked with the wonderful Jack Coleman on two issues of BL!SSS Magazine (and Dripslikehoney of course!).

Dripslikehoney: Do you have any favorite stores to shop at?

After working for Active and Matix and doing work with Obey, I would have to say a pretty good amount of my closet is consumed by these companies. Other than that, I really like to peruse the little shops in town. No Rest for Bridget and Purre often have good pieces and of course I have to hit Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, and Crossroads every once in awhile.

Dripslikehoney: How would you describe your style?

Hmmm good question! After putting lots of thought to this, I would say that I buy clothing and shoes based on what I think will fit well and look the best on my body. I think a huge part of looking good in what your wearing is how it makes you feel. I am 5’11” of all legs so my go-to is skinny black denim paired with just about anything on top. I will say that I am in my favorite leather jacket about five days out the week.

Dripslikehoney: Who are your favorite models?

You know, this might sound really bad but I don’t think I really have a favorite? If we’re talking about current favorite… I am a big fan of Charlotte Free. I appreciate her independent style and not fitting the mold of what many think of when you first hear the term, “model.”